Are You Ready To Tap Into the Exclusive Market Which Makes About 6 BILLION DOLLAR Industry in the USA Alone?

Affiliate Marketing is a business that is growing so rapidly around the world that it virtually still untapped here in Malaysia and You will be one of the first few to discover the secret to make money online using affiliate marketing strategies.


First of all, let me share with you some statistics about affiliate marketing:

  1. 80% of all brand in the world uses some form of affiliate marketing.
  2. In the UK brands spend £1.3B a year on affiliate marketing and lead generation.
  3. Approximately 15% of all digital media industry’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing.
  4. 38% of marketers call affiliate marketing one of the top customer acquisition methods.

Let’s Face It – We Live in a Failed Economy System

The country’s inflation is going up and simply our average salary can’t cope with it. Even with a combined salary of RM10,000 per household today, you will be struggling to make ends meet.


The SAD NEWS is, we know for a fact things things will only get more expensive; price of goods and services will only go up and the power of Ringgit will continue to drop.

You Have A Choice!

You can sit there and COMPLAIN OR you can TAKE ACTION today to learn a skill set that will propel you to

in the shortest way possible.

Why You Should Go Into Affiliate Marketing?

According to Google, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Can You Really Make Significant Money Using Affiliate Marketing?

We realised that many Malaysians are looking to start a business to make extra income. And we also quickly realised not many Malaysians are able to build a brick and mortar business because it takes too much risk, time and investment. The next best alternative to start a LOW COST BUSINESS that is extremely profitable is via Affiliate Marketing.


There are so many people talking about Affiliate Marketing, many of you might be asking the same questions again and again:


“Can you really make significant money using affiliate marketing?”


“How much is it possible to earn from affiliate marketing?”

The short answer is yes, affiliate programs can earn an extra money and even a full-time income from home. The long answer is a little more complicated. Like any home income venture, success comes not so much from what you choose to do to make money, but whether or not you do what needs to be done correctly and consistently.


Affiliate marketing is an ideal home business because it doesn’t require much money to get started, and you don’t have produce, stock or ship product inventory, or deliver a service.


You’re essentially paid for referring new clients and customers to other businesses.


So, the question isn’t really whether or not affiliate marketing is a viable income option (it is), but whether or not you can make affiliate marketing work for you.


There are so many affiliate programs out there in the market offering the commission package ranging from average 3% to 50%. Anything beyond 50% commission is CRAZY.

Some of The Affiliate Programs…

Example of Affiliate Commission …

Would You Like to Make USD1,050 a Month From Affiliate Marketing
Starting From Today?

After so many years of training and making money online, one thing I know for a fact that you need a system to implement it. Most programs teaches you the overview of the skill set but do not focus on simple strategies or proven method. Here by using our affiliate system, we will give you a step by step blueprint on how you can start leveraging DMD2u Affiliate System to make your money online.


Good news is we are launching our biggest e-learning platform and offering the highest payout in the industry in Malaysia. While some other affiliate system offers a mere 2-10% commission, here at DMD2U, we offer a whopping 70% RECURRING COMMISSION!


Recurring commission simply means, we would like to pay you commission on a monthly basis for your one time effort!

Introducing DMD2u

As a person who loves digital marketing and the Internet, I would spend hours after hours reading and learning online. However, I quickly realised that the content are not validated and probably outdated. Worst still the content I am reading or learning from the Internet could be false information.


That is why we created a dedicated e-learning platform to showcase the best courses in digital marketing. Our courses ranges from Facebook marketing to Linkedin marketing and even money making strategies. The major difference between DMDomination2u (DMD2U) and other platforms, is we only provide the best and most practical content on digital marketing. Each course is hand picked and reviewed for its authencity before posting.

How You Can Build A Business With DMD2u?

After we built this wonderful platform, we realised we need everyone to watch it and learn from it. Therefore, we decided to use affiliate marketing to promote our content. Not only we have a powerful system to track affiliates earning, we are the highest and most profitable affiliate marketing company in Malaysia and no other competitor can even come close to what commission we are offering!


Would you like an extra USD1,050 in your bank every month? We have the platform and system ready and the missing link is you. Together we can build a profitable income and a solid partnership by working together.

Why Not Leverage on DMD2u Affiliate Program &
Make More Than USD1,050 Recurring Income Monthly

YES, I Want To Earn USD!

No risk, come for a FREE training, and I will teach you
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Ask Yourself, What Kind Of Lifestyle Do You Want?
Work Slave Or Be Your Own Boss?

Earlier you were introduced to our failed economy in Malaysia. Today you know our ringgit is weakening against USD currency. While others complain, we rejoice because using our affiliate marketing knowledge, we can start a business and be profitable and earning USD!


Would you like to know the exact methods to start doing affiliate marketing? Simply means, would you like to know the exact strategies you can implement from your home to start selling a product, and getting paid for your effort in USD directly to your bank account on a monthly basis?

Financial Freedom

Time Freedom

helping other to succeed

Helping Others Succeed


NO Pyramid Scheme
NO Complicated Process
NO Experience of Skills Needed
NO Technical or Coding Knowledge
NO Inventory or Stock Required

Still Reading? Great!! Let Me Give You A SUPER BONUS To Help & Guide You to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

We are offering a special bonus program for you.


Would you like to learn step by step strategies on how you can start your affiliate business? At DMD2U, we care and we want to go the extra mile to prepare you for your journey to affiliate marketing.


In this Super Bonus, you will learn how to leverage on social media especially on Facebook to start making money online. For more advance users, you will leverage on paid advertisement to bring your affiliate marketing to the next level.

I AM INTERESTED! How Do I Get Started?

Now you have a great opportunity in front of you. You can close this page and go on to your ways and I thank you for reading till here or you can take action to start your wonderful journey with us in affiliate marketing.


However, one thing you must do, DO NOT GIVE UP and remember to take massive action and focus on what you are doing to generate more income. Do not be like the majority who only knows how to complain and blame everything but themselves.


Even before you get your feet wet and dive into affiliate marketing, we have put a special 2 hours session to introduce affiliate marketing and for you to get more answers about affiliate marketing.


I would like invite you to our 2 hours FREE Training to give you an incredible view on the potential of making money with Affiliate Marketing.


Check Out Our Calendars Below To Book Your Seat!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What am I going to learn?
You will learn step-by-step method to build your online business.

2. How much can I make with this method?
It depends on how many efforts that you want to put on this method. The sky is the limit.

3. Who should attend for this workshop?
Everyone who wants to explore on how to generate online recurring income.

4. Is it the MLM or Network Marketing program?
No. Don’t worry about it.

5. Who is the person in charge for this workshop?
Cath 03 7931 228 or 012 3230881